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Dripping tap or hot water on the blink? Want to update your laundry or have a water tank installed? Whether the job is big or small,
Plumbing Wizards are here to help...

We don’t want you to have to put up with a leaking toilet, dripping tap or cold shower. From niggly jobs that you’ve been meaning to fix – but have never got around to – through to those dreaded emergencies when you have water spurting where it shouldn’t, we can solve your plumbing dramas. If it’s an issue with the water and you want a timely, professional, cost-effective solution, let Plumbing Wizards work some magic.

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You might think switching out the shower head and installing a new vanity is fairly straight-forward… but do you want the hassle? Not to mention the risk that it all goes horribly wrong and you end up with an upside down slide rail and
a leak under the sink. We are experts in renovations and take real pride in ensuring you find the perfect solutions for your space.

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We are the go-to for numerous builders who value our efficiency and professionalism when it comes to all the work that goes into plumbing out and fitting off a newly built home. We love to be involved from start to finish to ensure that the perfect property comes with the ideal set up for cost-effective water delivery that balances sustainability and practicality with indulgence.

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It’s not the most glamorous part of what we do – but it is certainly essential. Without drains you’d be in a whole world of hurt, which is why it’s so important they are running effectively. Whether you need a new one installed, want one replaced… or just suspect there is an issue and want it investigated, our wizardry with drains will see you right.

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